Inspired Crocodile - Polo Shirt



Inspired Crocodile - Polo Shirt

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Sublimated digital print graphic design combined with hand drawn designed images and includes Australian animals, artist JD Hampton.

Inspired Crocodile – based on true story for how an artist (JD Hampton) got in to creative arts (multimedia):

Support the genuine artists in the community, so we can continue to produce new artwork:

“Who but the artist has the power to open man up, to set free the imagination? The others – priest, teacher, saint, stateman, warrior – hold us to the path of history. They keep us chained to the rock, that the vultures may eat our hearts. It is the artists who has the courage to go against the crowd; he is the unrecognized “hero of our time” – and of all time.” – Henry Miller, Stand Still Like the Humingbird

Polo Shirts – Designed in Australia by Indigenous Contemporary artist JD Hampton

Support the local artist, don’t matter what colour they are, give the artist a fair go in business…


Kid 10, Kid 12, Kid 6, Kid 8, L, M, XL, XXL, XXXL


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